Martello Lakes

Martello Lakes, Dymchurch Road, West Hythe, Kent CT21 4ND

The Lake itself is a 55 acre former gravel pit site, now boasting over 40 acres of fishery and sailing water set in scenic surroundings. It is open all year-round to day ticket anglers and full members alike.

With sixty swims available across a wide range of locations, Martello Lakes offer maximum opportunities for your angling experience, with the added bonus of a brand new disabled and wheel-chair accessible swim.

We have paid particular attention to the stocking of the waters to meet every demand. All requirements are catered for, from satisfying the needs of the fully experienced angler to ensuring that novice anglers do not leave disappointed.

The range of fish within the waters is extensive, and includes many silver fish varieties such as bream. The main challenge and most satisfying experience however, will come from the large carp, some of them up to forty pounds.

Other species include skimmers, roach up to three pounds, rudd, perch, large and small eels and of course the ubiquitous pike.

We firmly believe in maintaining a natural balance and predators are an important part of nature’s cicle.

All swims are a mixture of grass and stone standing, with ample space for biveys and all your equipment regardless of your duration of stay.

It is intended, moving forward, that at least half the swims will have individual parking slots.

Another aspect we pride ourselves in, is the degree of privacy extended to the swim surroundings, allowing uninterrupted and quiet focus on the job in hand.

We regularly have special events and competitions, and details of any such upcoming dates will be found on our news and events page >>.

Opening Hours & Ticket Prices

Availability: 24 hours a day (excluding Christmas Day)
Day Tickets7am – 7pm – £20 per ticket
Night Tickets7pm – 7am – £20 per ticket
Weekly Tickets
7pm – 7am – £100 per ticket (5 days)

Day/night/weekly tickets – contact bailiff between 7am and 7pm, 7 days a week (07970 704584)
Access times between 7am – 10am and 4.30pm – 7.30pm only



Facilities on-site cater for everyone, including those who are staying for longer periods.

We have toilets and showers, including full disabled facilities.

There is also a small club hut open to all, where you can relax and chat over events of the day.

Lake Rules

  1. A maximum of 3 rods per angler.
  2. All nets, mats and weighing slings must be dipped before fishing.
  3. Mirco barbed hooks only are to be used.
  4. Fish care kit is required by all anglers.
  5. Bait boats are not permitted on the lake.
  6. All anglers must use a walled / cradle style unhooking mat at all times.
  7. Carp nets are to be a minimum of 42”
  8. Coarse nets are to be a minimum of 26”
  9. Fish to be lifted no higher than knee height when holding for pictures and returned ASAP (stress is a killer).
  10. All fish are to be returned to their original swim as quickly and safely as possible once caught and weighed.
  11. Maximum speed limit of 10mph.
  12. No broken fishing equipment to be left on the premises.
  13. No pets are allowed to be brought onto the fishery by anglers.
  14. A valid rod licence is required for all anglers.
  15. All litter to be taken off site by the anglers.
  16. Anglers under 16 must always be accompanied by a responsible adult at all times.
  17. Anglers under 14 must fish in the same swim with the accompanying adult at all times
  18. Fishing times are: 7am – 7pm on day tickets / 7pm – 7am on night tickets.
  19. Members and guests are to respect the club and other anglers by keeping noise to a minimum, no radios / music / loud mobile phones (please use headphones) are to be used by the anglers.
  20. No more than 5 nights per swim by anglers.
  21. Fishing rods are not to be left unattended.
  22. No lead core rigs are allowed to be used.
  23. No braided main fishing line, braid can only to be used on spod / marker rods and fish finders.
  24. Bait: Bollies, pellets, maggots, worms, sweetcorn, tin meat and bread can be used for bait. No other bait including hemp, spod mix or maise and nuts will be accepted at the lake and this will be monitored.
  25. A maximum total weight of 3kg of bait can be used within 24hrs which will be monitored, this includes 1kg of ground bait, 1x 350g tin of sweetcorn, 1x 350g tin of meat to be used per person within 24hrs. Bait is to be used with moderation. This may be reduced at RKB Leisure’s discretion.
  26. No fixed leads this includes feeders & method feeders.
  27. Free running rigs only, no knots above the feeder/method feeder or weight.
  28. No naked fires.
  29. Stoves, BBQs and cooking equipment are to be off the ground.
  30. All anglers are to sign in and out when entering and leaving the premises, this includes guest.
  31. No solid tidy bag stems to be used.
  32. No rigmarole tubing.
  33. RKB Leisure reserve the right to close the lake / swims as and when required (match and carp competitions).
  34. RKB Leisure accepts no responsibility for loss or injury to persons or property.

The premier angling experience in Kent

The Angling and sailing complex is located on the historic Kent Channel Coast at Hythe.

Set in an area of interesting topography an oustanding natural beauty just below the South Downs, it is right on the edge of Romney Marsh, with easy access to all major arterial roads.

Just off Junction 11 of the M20, adjacent to the A20 and A259, and close to the Channel Tunnel Terminal, access to the site could not be easier.

Within a mile of the facility, you will fine local shops and take-away food restaurants, whilst a short drive away takes you to the town of Hythe, where you will find more extensve services, including a bank and supermarket.

Ample parking is available for disabled visitors.